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Treatment for Chronic Glomerular Nephritis

2013-09-14 15:48| Font Size A A A

Chronic Glomerular Nephritis is a kind of glomerular disease featuring as proteinuria, blood urine,high blood pressure,swelling and gradual decrease of kidney function. But not all the patients with chronic glomerular nephritis have all of these symptoms considering of different illness conditions. This kind of disease can occur at any age, but it give the priority to the young and middle aged people, especially men. When the illness getting worse, it can progress into chronic kidney insufficiency. So the treatment for Chronic Glomerular Nephritis is very important.

At the early stage, patients may have the feelings of fatigue, back pain, and poor appetite. The blood pressure may be slightly raised. Some patients may be with no obviously clinic symptoms. With the development of the illness, kidney functions will be gradually worsened and the corresponding clinical manifestations will occur,such as anemia, high blood pressure and so on.

The treatment for chronic glomerular nephritis should aim at preventing or delaying the progressive deterioration of kidney functions and alleviating the clinical symptoms and other complications.

The followings are the specific treatment.

Well rest. When you have serious clinical symptoms, you should stay in bed. When the condition is stable, you can take appropriate activity. You can do some light work or study to help recover.

Control protein intake. You are suggested to take in high-quality protein and control protein intake according to the degree of renal dysfunction. The amount of protein should be in the range of 30g-40g everyday. When you take low-protein diet, you can increase the intake of carbohydrate properly.

Control high blood pressure. ACEI and calcium ion antagonist are effective to high blood pressure and can delay the deterioration of renal function. β-receptor blocker have a good effect on renin-dependent hypertension. These drugs are discharged from kidney and when you have kidney dysfunction, you should adjust the dosage.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy. One of the major functions of this therapy is anti-inflammation, which will well effect on the damaged glomerular.

Comprehensive treatments for chronic glomerular nephritis are needed to help patients get better.

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