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Available Therapy to Avoid Dialysis for Lupus Patients

2014-08-25 19:01| Font Size A A A

Available Therapy to Avoid Dialysis for Lupus Patients“My child was diagnosed with Lupus and now does peritoneal dialysis. She still urinates and I am looking for different methods so she can get off dialysis. I appreciate it if you can do us a favor. Thanks you in advance!” These words come from a mother who looking for kidney disease treatment except dialysis.

For her child’s case, here I will provide a natural remedy called Hot Compress Therapy to you. This therapy is widely used in our Treatment center point and has achieved the great success in treating kidney disease.

Lupus is a systematic disease, it can involve different organs and systems in the body. Patients usually have those symptoms like, butterfly shaped spot in face, become worse when exposed under sunshine, mouth ulcer, joint pain, kidney problems, spasm, abnormal blood cells, antibody disorder etc. Well, this disease could be treated well and complications could be prevented effectively. Fortunately, Hot Compress Therapy not only focuses on some symptoms, but also can solve the problem from the root.

Now she still has urine output which is a good signal. That tells there is still blood flow in the kidneys. This provides a basic chance to reverse her kidney disease. It is an external application of Chinese herbal medicine which has more than 5000 years history.

During the treatment, the active ingredients from Chinese medicine can penetrate into kidney lesions, and with blood flow, it can reach the focal area. When the active ingredients reach there, it can dilate blood vessels, restrain inflammation and remove those extracellular matrix and harmful deposition, reduce the status of coagulation in kidneys, so the kidney cells can be protected and repaired step by step.

After some time treatment, most patients can have the improvement. For example, the cold limbs can become warm, proteinuria can reduce, urine color, volume can increase, flock-like materials can be found in the urine, blood pressure can become stable, sleep quality improve, energy and appetite increase as well. In addition, itching and pain alleviate and disappear. This provides an effective alternative for lupus nephritis patients.

At present, this treatment is only available in China and if you want to take this treatment, you daughter need to travel our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China. More details, please talk with our online doctors directly or email to

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