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How to Improve GFR 34 in Glomerulonephritis

2014-05-11 21:05| Font Size A A A

How to Improve GFR 34 in GlomerulonephritisFor Glomerulonephritis patients, if their GFR has reduced to 34, they have to take some measures to stop this procession. And they can get some useful advice from the following content.

What does GFR 34 means?

GFR abbreviated for glomerular filtration rate is an indicator of kidney function, which is measured by how well the kidney cleans the blood. Knowing the accurate GFR value helps doctors provide proper treatments to patients. Well, what it means when GFR reduce to 34? This value indicates that the disease has developed into CKD stage 3, and more than 70% kidney function has been damaged. Glomerulonephritis patients will experience some symptoms, such as fatigue, swelling and poor appetite. In this case, patients should take timely treatment to reduce the risk of end stage kidney disease.

What can patients do to improve GFR 34?

If glomerulonephritispatients can deal with this condition positively, they have a great change to improve their condition. There is some useful advice for them.

Healthy lifestyle

Some bad habits, such as drinking, smoking, staying up late and overwork can damage or strain the kidney. Therefore, glomerulonephritis patients should quit these bad habits to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Proper exercises

Proper exercises can help patients boost their immunity, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen bone and muscles, so it can benefit patients’ overall health. If you want more specific advice about exercises, you can contact our Online Doctors.

Reasonable diet

To improve GFR 34, patients have to follow the several points on diet: reduce salt intake, eat limited amount protein and be cautious of potassium and phosphorus consumption.

Effective treatments

Some treatments, such as Immunotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Blood Pollution Therapy are all effective to improve GFR 34.

Through the above contents, glomerulonephritis patients may come to know how to improve GFR 34. If they can follow this advice, we believe they can largely improve this value.

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