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Glomerulonephritis Symptoms

Lupus Patients with Protienuria: What Does It Mean

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the immune system products antibodies to cells within the body leading to widespread inflammation and tissue damage. Any part of the body can be affected by lupus as it has array of clinical ma...Read More

Lupus with Creatinine 121: Does It Mean I Have Kidney Failure

Lupus is a short name for a disease called lupus erythematosus, which is a typical autoimmune disease. It not only can affect the skin health, but also can damage the kidneys if left treated. Does lupus patients with creatinine 121 mean kid...Read More

Lupus with Swollen Tongue: Causes and Treatment

Lupus can be a tricky disease and it affects different people in different ways. Maybe you can develop new symptoms youve never experienced before, just like swollen tongue. How does lupus cause the discomfort? Is there any treatment to dea...Read More

Home Remedies for Lowering Creatinine Level 4.1 with Lupus Nephritis

High creatinine level 4.1 is an obvious symptom when the kidney is damaged. For lupus nephritis patients, they are also likely to be tortured by elevated creatinine level. Well then, are there any home remedies to lowering creatinine level...Read More

Ammonia Breath and Metallic Taste in Glomerulonephritis

Ammonia breath and metallic taste have became an annoying thing for patients who suffer from Glomerulonephritis. Wanna the reasons? Please read on or talk our Online Doctor for an individualized advice. What is Glomerulonephritis? As its na...Read More

Why Does Lupus Nephritis Patients Have Frequent Urination

Why does lupus nephritis patients have frequent urination at night? Many patients focus on this question and want to find the reasons. Hopefully, you can benefit from this passage. Lupus nephritis is an autoimmune kidney disease. Its pathog...Read More

Can Lupus Nephritis Cause Fever

Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disorder which can affect many body organs and systems. Well, can this kidney disease cause fever? Please read on to find the answer. To be frank, it is a common symptom in lupus nephritis. Then, how does th...Read More

Why Lupus Nephritis Patients Feel Tired All the Time

For people diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis, they often complain that they feel tired all the time. Then, why? Why lupus nephritis patients feel tired all the time? To be fair, the causes of fatigue can be the results of the following reasons...Read More