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Why Lupus Nephritis Patients Feel Tired All the Time

2014-04-26 22:47| Font Size A A A

Why Lupus Nephritis Patients Feel Tired All the TimeFor people diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis, they often complain that they feel tired all the time. Then, why?

Why lupus nephritis patients feel tired all the time?

To be fair, the causes of fatigue can be the results of the following reasons:

1. Deficiency of EPO Normally, kidneys can produce a hormone named Erythropoietin, which has close connection with oxygen-carrying red blood cells. However, in lupus, the diseased kidneys will not be able to make enough EPO. And that’s a major reason why people with this disease feel tired all the time.

2. Low-immunity In right condition, the immune system can help fight against various harmful substances and protect our body. Unfortunately, the immune complexes accumulated in the body will cause damage to the immune system, eventually, low-immunity occurs.

Additionally, other factors like building up of toxins, unhealthy habits, etc can also lead to this abnormal symptom. Under certain circumstances, sufferers may quit their jobs due to severe fatigue. So, it is very important to seek for timely treatments.

◆ Take EPO supplements In clinical, some medications and injection of EPO can be helpful to relieve anemia. Besides, foods rich in folic acid, iron and some natural herbs are also necessary. If you want to get such a food list or herbal list, you are always welcomed to email us immediately!

◆ Immune-adsorption to remove immune complexes This is a common type of blood-purification technique, and it can be used to remove the immune complexes in the blood selectively and specially.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy This natural remedy can be applied to alleviate symptoms and improve kidney function. Once kidneys can work as normal, there will be enough EPO. Gradually, lupus nephritis patients will not feel tired all the time. Any doubts, leave us a message below. Have a good day!

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