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What Does Nephritis without Edema Mean

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Edema is one of the most common early symptoms of nephritis. Of course, there are also many nephritis patients without edema. Thus, what does edema of nephritis really mean? In fact, patients with different conditions appear different symptoms. Nephritis is mainly caused by immune complex in circulating blood. The clinical manifestations are the changes of urine (hematuria, proteinuria, and oliguria), high blood pressure, and edema. Edema can fade after acute stage.

Cause of edema:

(1) Low GFR and water-sodium retention.

(2) Increasing permeability of systemic blood capillary make the liquid enter tissue space by blood vessel easily.

(3) The reduction of plasma protein level, especially albumin levels lead to the drop of blood plasma colloid osmotic pressure, and then water move to tissue space easily.

(4) Effective blood volume reduction leads to secondary aldosterone increased, and aggravate water sodium retention.

The degree of edema is in a wide range. A lesser form of nephritis has an edema which is invisible to the naked eye, it might appear a little swollen eyelids only when weight gain or in the early morning. Very ill people may have obvious systemic edema, even with hydrothorax and seroperitoneum which could cause tens of kilograms’ weight gain. The most common type is pitting edema, and you can see a depression when press with finger. Therefore, a treatment for edema is of great urgency.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is designed to improve the self-cure of damaged cells and the filtering ability of glomeruli, and recommended by many experts. TCM has been proven an effective way to treat nephritis with edema.

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