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Lupus with Creatinine 121: Does It Mean I Have Kidney Failure

2015-05-28 09:50| Font Size A A A

Lupus with Creatinine 121: Does It Mean I Have Kidney FailureLupus is a short name for a disease called “lupus erythematosus”, which is a typical autoimmune disease. It not only can affect the skin health, but also can damage the kidneys if left treated. Does lupus patients with creatinine 121 mean kidney failure?

Creatinine level and lupus

To be frank, creatinine level 121 is much higher than the normal range. In the normal condition, the extra creatinine level should be discharged out of the body by the healthy kidneys, which is produced from the breakdown of creatine phosphate in muscles. Generally, healthy people will have a constant level of creatinine over time. And the normal creatinine level is 44-97umol/L for females and 53-106umol/L for males. Elevated creatinine levels generally indicate a decline in renal function. And kidney damage from lupus can be mild or severe. It can cause damage to the filtering units (glomeruli) of the kidney. Since these filtering units clear your blood of waste, damage to them can cause your kidneys to work poorly or not at all. What’s more, it is reported that 90% lupus patients will have some kidney damage.

Does creatinine 121 mean kidney failure?

Through the comparison, we can see that creatinine level 121 is indeed higher than the normal range, which may indicate that kidney damage has progressed into Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Kidney disease may be “silent” and not cause any symptoms unless kidneys lose half renal function are damaged. In the condition, aside from high creatinine level, patients may have dark urine, flank pain, high blood pressure, weight gain from extra fluid and swelling around your eyes and in your hands and feet.

Last but not least, treatment is the necessary to lower high creatinine level and repair kidney damage as well as improve renal function. If you have interest in knowing more details, you can email to or leave a message below directly. And we will do our best to help you.

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