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Symptoms of Chronic Glomerular Nephritis

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Chronic glomerular nephritis is glomerular disease caused by a variety of causes. This disease is common, especially in young male. However, the treatment is difficult and most of it will progress into chronic kidney failure with poor prognosis. So it is vital to know the symptoms of chronic glomerular nephritis for taking early treatment.

The symptoms of chronic kidney disease may differ in different patients. The followings are the general symptoms that may occur in patients with chronic glomerular nephritis.

Swelling. Swelling is the first sign of chronic glomerular nephritis. Patients with slight illness only have eyelid and facial swelling in the morning and slight lower libs swelling in the afternoon. This symptom will disappear after a rest. For patients with serious condition, anasarca will occur or even with seroperitoneum.

Proteinuria. The permeability of glomerular capillary wall increases when one gets chronic glomerular nephritis. So the protein is easy to pass through glomerular basement membrane to urine. So the proteinuria is produced. The most important signs of chronic glomerular nephritis is proteinuria.

Cylindruria. Urinary cylinder is formed by protein coagulation and sedimentation in urine. So there should be urinary cylinder with chronic glomerular nephritis. What you should know is that only protein but no urinary cylinder or only urinary cylinder but no protein cannot reflect glomerular diseases. Both protein and urinary cylinder occur in urine can indicate glomerular diseases.

High blood pressure. Kidney affects effective circulating blood volume by regulating water and sodium metabolism. At the same time, it can produce renin which will lead to high blood pressure. The incidence of high blood pressure is 33.3% with chronic glomerular nephritis.

Anemia. Dilution caused by water retention may conduce to renal anemia. The decrease of erythrogenin due to serious damaged glomerular may also lead to anemia.

Azotemia. It is a feature of kidney insufficiency. But not all the patients with chronic glomerular nephritis has azotemia.

Once you have any of these symptoms, you should go to a doctor as early as possible. Here a new therapy---Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommend to cure the symptoms of chronic glomerular nephritis. For the follow up information, you could consult the online doctors.

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