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Home Remedies for Lowering Creatinine Level 4.1 with Lupus Nephritis

2014-09-30 17:02| Font Size A A A

Home Remedies for Lowering Creatinine Level 4.1 with Lupus NephritisHigh creatinine level 4.1 is an obvious symptom when the kidney is damaged. For lupus nephritis patients, they are also likely to be tortured by elevated creatinine level. Well then, are there any home remedies to lowering creatinine level 4.1?

Lupus Nephritis is the main secondary injury and cause of death of SLE. As a matter of fact, it is a kind of chronic and systemic autoimmune disease with various clinical features of multiple tissues and organs. And creatinine is the end breakdown products of creatine phosphate in the muscles. Actually, it is one of indicators to reflect how well your kidneys are functioning. As our kidney has strong compensatory ability, a half of renal function can guarantee our body health. If you creatinine increases, it is possible that you has lost more than 50 percentage of renal function. In other words, high creatinine level is always associated with sever kidney damage. Therefore, to get rid of this symptom from the root, I will recommend home remedies which as reference to you.

Diet therapy

A proper diet is important for reducing creatinie level. The general requirements include the following things.

1. Limit intake of protein. (but high-quality protein is suggested)

2. Limit sodium and fluid can help reduce risk of swelling and/or high blood pressure, which will increase kidney damage.

3. Limit intake of phosphorus and potassium level if heir level is above the normal in the teat report.

4. Ingest more vitamins to supply the body’s need.

Herbal teas

Some herbal teas has an obvious effect on lowering high creatinine level, such as nettle tea, hibiscus tea, barley tea, cinnemon tea and so on.

Certain beverages

some fruit and vegetable juice is available for people with high creatinine level, such as cranberry juice, carrot juice, blueberry juice and so on.

Moderate exercise

Moderate exercise can keep fit and strengthen the immunity. It can prevent cold and fever and other little discomforts but risk factors to kidney health. What I want to emphasize is that you should avoid doing strenuous exercise.

If the mentioned above home remedies do not work well for lowering creatininie 4.1, you might as well try our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. More details, please talk with our doctors online directly and email to

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