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Can Lupus Nephritis Cause Fever

2014-06-02 00:57| Font Size A A A

Can Lupus Nephritis Cause FeverLupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disorder which can affect many body organs and systems. Well, can this kidney disease cause fever? Please read on to find the answer.

To be frank, it is a common symptom in lupus nephritis. Then, how does this disease cause fever? Is there any method to deal with it? As a matter of fact, if you can find out the root cause, it is easy to take measures to cure it. The following contents are its causes in this disease:

Immune dysfunction

Sometimes, most people with lupus will have a long-term and low-grade fever. Usually, the immune system helps protect the body from harmful substances, but in people with an autoimmune disease, the immune system is too weak to fight against harmful substances, or it fails to tell difference between harmful substances and healthy one. The abnormal immune dysfunction can cause the body to produce a variety of substances which can become pyrogen to make the patients have fever.

Decline of kidney function

As we all know, the kidney is one of the body’s most important but most delicate organs. The kidney involved in lupus is damaged to a certain extent. Once kidney function declines severely, they will lose the abilities of eliminating wastes and toxins and keeping electrolyte balance. The more function kidney loses, the more symptoms occur, including fever.

After knowing about the causes, the next step is to find an effective treatment in time.

Generally speaking, if your immune function and kidney function come back to normal, both fever and lupus nephritis can be well controlled. To help achieve this goal, you can resort to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This treatment is targeted at repairing the injured kidneys and enhancing immune function gradually. After about 7 to 10 days systematic treatment, you will see obvious effects.

If you have this kind of physical problem, it is high time to have an effective treatment. You can contact our online doctors directly or attach your medical report to, then we will give you a personalized advice.

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