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A Kidney Friendly Food List for People with Nephritis

2014-04-14 02:09| Font Size A A A

For nephritis patients, they should realize the significance of healthy diet for their health. If sufferers eat unhealthy foods, the illness condition will be aggravated. Fortunately, you can find a kidney friendly food list here.

The principle of diet for nephritis patients

Generally speaking, the dietary principle should take into the following contents into consideration, such as, salt, fluid, protein, fat, potassium. phosphorus and so on. If there are severe edema and high blood pressure, the consumption of salt should be restricted within 2g/d per day; As for the intake of protein, patients should give priority to high-quality protein foods, which can be found in lean meat, egg white, fish, chicken, milk and so on. In the meanwhile, the quantity should be in accordance with the specific condition.

Kidney friendly food list for people with nephritis

1. Coarse food grain

Coarse food grain is usually loaded with plant fiber. And eating these foods in moderation can help satisfy the nutritional needs of our body. According to the medical research, the magnesium present in these foods can also help against various pain.

2. Salmon

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin D, and these substances work together to alleviate chronic pain caused by nephritis.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is labeled as” Liquid Gold”. When it comes to therapeutic effect, the antioxidant substances and unsaturated fatty acid are helpful to inhibit pain and strengthen the muscle and bone.

4. Strawberry

The vitamin C present in this fruit is proved to prevent arthritis and other bone disorders.

Even if the kidney friendly food list for nephritis patients have so many benefits, people should not eat much of these foods, as the condition varies from cases to cases. Wanna to get an individualized guidance? Please email to or feel free to chat with our Online Doctor directly!

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