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Can People with Chronic Nephritis Eat Mango

2014-03-05 01:03| Font Size A A A

Can People with Chronic Nephritis Eat MangoPeople with Chronic Nephritis are usually suggested to follow a strict diet, as eating properly can help delay its progression, while an unhealthy diet may bring great harm to the patients. Then, can people with chronic nephritis eat mango?

Due to the unique flavor and nutritional benefits, mango is regarded as ”king of fruits”. According to the data, 100g mango contains 0.6g protein, 0.2g fat, 1.3g dietary fiber, 7g carbohydrates, 41mg vitamin C, 151mg potassium. In addition, there are also certain amounts of sodium, calcium, iron and so on. And below are some of its nutritional values:

1. Lower cholesterol level

It is proven that high levels of vitamin C, dietary fiber and pectin can help reduce serum cholesterol level, especially the Low Density Lipoprotein level( a bad type).

2. Strengthen the immunity

High contents of vitamin A, vitamin C, carotenoids, antioxidants, etc can help strengthen the immunity and fight against colds and infections.

3. Prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis

Antioxidants like quercetin, garlic acid and methylgallat present in mango can help protect the body against colon, leukemia and prostate cancers. Additionally, it can help prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Except for the above benefits, mangos are also beneficial for skin problems and constipation.

Even if mango has the above benefits, not all chronic nephritis patients can eat this fruit. Meanwhile, the amount should be in moderation. And the followings are cautions of eating mango:

1. It belongs to high sugar food, so if the test show high sugar level, patient should avoid it.

2. Mango peel and mango juice can cause allergic reactions in susceptible people. Under certain circumstances, discomforts including red spot, vomiting and diarrhea may occur.

Therefore, whether people with chronic nephritis can eat mango is based on the specific condition. For more dietary tips, you can contact us by emailing to immediately.

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