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What's the Proper Diet for Glomerulonephritis

2013-09-16 11:54| Font Size A A A

What’s the Proper Diet for GlomerulonephritisIt is known to all that kidneys play an important role in keeping a healthy life. Our kidney functions as a blood cleaner which helps purify the blood by filtrating metabolic wastes and toxins and at the same time, maintaining electrolyte balance. Once the glomerular which is the main part of kidney is inflamed, the waste product and toxins cannot be discharged out of the blood very well. Besides systemic treatment, the proper diet for glomerulonephritis is also very important.

To get a specific diet for yourself, you should consult your doctors and the your dietitian. The followings are the general diet tips that you should know if you have glomerulonephritis.

Proper protein intake. Protein is an essential component of our body. But it can produce a waste product called urea, which will get to kidney and then is filtrated by glomerular. If the glomerular is damaged, urea will not be filtrated and it will buildup in the blood thus increase the burden of the kidney. So you should mind the amount of protein intake to control urea production. You are suggested to ask your doctor or dietitian how much protein you should take every day according to your specific condition or you can send your test report to, our expert will make a suggestion for you.

Limit sodium intake. Too much sodium intake is a risk factor of high blood pressure, which is the common symptom of glomerulonephritis. In addition, extra sodium will cause water-sodium retention and increase swelling. Limit sodium intake can help relieve high blood pressure and swelling so as to reduce the damage to kidney.

Control fluids. One of the main function of kidney is to remove the excessive fluid from our body. When glomerular is impaired, it fails to remove the extra water, leading to swelling.

Control potassium. The failed glomerular cannot filtrate the extra potassium from the blood, which will result in abnormal heart beat. The high-potassium food that you should avoid include banana, orange, tomato, spinach and so on.

The proper diet for glomerulonephritis should depend on the kidney condition of yourself, so you are suggested to seek the specific diet list to well manage your kidney disease.

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