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Diet Plan for Glomerulonephritis Patients

2014-07-12 01:28| Font Size A A A

Glomerulonephritis patients have to develop a healthy and reasonable diet plan to control the progress of illness condition, because a scientific diet plan plays a significant role in reducing the glomeruli damage. Here we will introduce some guidance about diet for glomerulonephritis patients.
Diet Plan for Glomerulonephritis Patients

Regulate intake of protein

Most kidney disease patients are required to limit intake of protein. Due to damaged kidney function, kidneys can not filter the wastes and products out of the body. Excessive protein intake will increase the burden of the kidneys and cause further damage on kidneys. However, protein is essential for one’s physical development and mental development. Therefore, some food with high-quality protein are suggested to patients. Because high-quality protein can be easily absorbed by patients’ body and it does not produce wastes so that provide energy to meet the needs of the body. As for how much protein you need in a day, you’d better consult a dietitian or our Online Doctors directly.

Limit intake of sodium

Food with high salt intake can worsen high blood pressure and swelling. You can limit intake of sodium by avoid adding salt to foods, processed foods, canned foods, salted snacks as well as processed meats.

Ingest enough vitamins

Because of electrolyte disturbance,many patients’ immunity is in low status. Therefore, patients should take enough vitamins to strengthen immune system, like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B.

Choose right fruits and vegetables

With glomerulonephritis, patients are running high risk for high potassium level and phosphorus level. Because of this, they need to avoid fruits and vegetables high in potassium or phosphorus. Only in this way, can their electrolyte disturbance be alleviated effectively.

I sincerely hope you can benefit a lot from this passage. If you still have no idea about what you can eat, please leave a message below or attach your medical report to and we can give you an individualized advice.

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