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Is Turmeric Good for Lupus Nephritis

2014-05-18 00:37| Font Size A A A

Is Turmeric Good for Lupus NephritisLupus Nephritis patients are cautious with their foods, because some foods may cause allergy or strain their damaged kidneys. Thus, is turmeric good for these patients?

What effects does turmeric have?

Lower blood fat

Patients with high blood fat are liable to have thrombus in blood vessels, since high blood fat can slow blood flow and increase blood viscosity. This vegetable can lower blood fat, and reduces LDL and increase HDL, which is good for patients’ health.

Lower blood pressure

Lupus nephritis patients are prone to high blood pressure, since the damaged kidneys fail to regulate blood pressure at a reasonable level. Though high blood pressure causes no symptoms, but it is a silent killer, as it can induce cardiovascular disease, which may cause sudden death. If patients have high blood pressure, they can take this vegetable, as urcumol in it can help to lower blood pressure.

Reduce inflammation

Lupus nephritis is a kind of autoimmune disease, when the immune complexes deposit in kidney, the deposits will induce inflammation in this region. This vegetable can help reduce the inflammation in kidney, delay progression of the disease in some degree.

Ward off infections

Patients with low immunity are liable to various infections, which can deteriorate their diseases. Therefore, patients should take preventive measures to ward off infections. In this condition, they can add this vegetable into their diet to help them better fight against with infections.

Supply minerals to patients

We can find calcium and iron in this vegetable, while patients always are short of this vegetable. Shortage of calcium may cause bone disease and lack of iron can induce anemia. Patients can take right amount of turmeric to lower risk of these diseases.

Patients can take this vegetable to alleviate the above conditions, while there also some points they need pay attention to:

1. Don’t take it raw, as raw turmeric has irritating taste, while lupus nephritis patients should avoid irritating foods.

2. This vegetable contains sodium and potassium, which are limited to patients. Therefore, patients should control it in appropriate amount. If you have any doubts, you can turn to our Online Doctor for guidance.

All in all, turmeric is good for lupus nephritis patients, patients can add this vegetable to their diet based on their own condition.

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