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Diet to Reduce Proteinuria Caused by Lupus Nephritis

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Diet to Reduce Proteinuria Caused by Lupus Nephritis Except for treatment, diet also can help Lupus Nephritis patients reduce proteinuria, so they should take a reasonable diet in daily life.

Causes of proteinuria

Lupus Nephritis is a kind of autoimmune disease. When the immune complexes deposit in kidney, they will cause inflammation in kidney, which can change permeability of glomerulus. Thus, protein, which should be retained in blood, will leak in urine. Proteinuria causes no suffering to patients, while it can do further damage to kidney. Therefore, to prevent exacerbation of their disease, patients should follow a right diet to improve this condition.


Protein is the basic of our lives, and we should take enough protein to support our life actives. However, for lupus nephritis patients, too much protein can increase kidney burden, so right kind and right amount of protein are important to patients.

1. Patients should take protein with high biological value, such as egg, milk, fish and red meats.

2. Vegetable protein is not high quality protein, which can aggravate patients’ condition. Thus, patients should avoid these foods, like soy.


It is another important guarantee for our lives. Many lupus nephritis patients also feel confused how much water they can take.

1. Drinking more water can help patients excrete some toxins, such as uric acid and creatinine.

2. If patients have severe swelling or high blood pressure, they should limit intake of water.

Minerals and vitamins

Shortages of these nutrients may cause many complications, which can afflict patients a lot. The foods below can help them improve this condition.

1. Patients should eat more foods rich in magnesium, like millet, wheat and barley.

2. You can find zinc in millet, wheat, corn and carrot.

3. Strawberry, carrots, orange are rich in vitamin C.

4. However, patients should be cautious of some elements, like potassium, phosphorus.

Besides the above advice, patients should avoid foods, like fish, prawn, crab and milk, which can induce allergy.

Making some dietary changes to reduce proteinuria is very necessary for lupus nephritis patients, so they can follow the above advice to make a suitable diet. If you need any help in this process, you can contact our Online Doctor for help.

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