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Can Chronic Nephritis Patients Do Exercises

2014-03-18 20:43| Font Size A A A

Can Chronic Nephritis Patients Do ExercisesChronic Nephritis refers to inflammatory response within the kidneys. Generally, they may have such doubts: Can I take exercises? If so, what kind of physical activities are appropriate for my condition?

Classification of exercises

According to the intensity of movement, there can be strenuous exercises and moderate exercises. Based on the exercise effect, there can be aerobic activity and anaerobic activity. Additionally, there are also other forms of exercises.

Can I take exercises?

To be frank, whether patients can take exercises is determined by the individuals’ condition. In general, they can take some simple, convenient and moderate activities, such as, walking, jogging, Tai Chi, yoga, etc. Remember that the time can be controlled within 20-30minutes each time and the frequency can be 3-5times a week. Meanwhile, they also need to monitor their pulse and blood pressure regularly.

For people with chronic nephritis, if there are severe swelling and hematuria, they had better stay in bed and keep away from basketball, football, baseball or mountain-climbing as much as possible. Otherwise, their conditions will be aggravated by these activities.

Benefits of moderate physical activities

It is testified that moderate excises moderation can help strengthen their physique and fight against infections. In the meantime, they can also help prevent osteoporosis, lower blood pressure, decrease blood lipid and control blood sugar level.

Even if exercises can do a lot to chronic nephritis patients, however, this alone is not enough to control the condition. Here, we recommend sufferers to follow a healthy diet, do regular check-ups, and take effective treatment early, etc. Any interests in these aspects? You can turn to our Online Doctor for free.

As the saying goes, ” Life lies in movement.” And chronic nephritis patients should aware of this clearly. For more information, you can contact us by emailing to Then we will reply you soon.

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