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Six Steps to Prevent Deterioration of Kidney Function in Chronic Nephritis

2014-03-11 19:10| Font Size A A A

Six Steps to Prevent Deterioration of Kidney Function in Chronic NephritisHow to prevent deterioration of kidney function in Chronic Nephritis? Simply speaking, both early and effective steps should be taken to increase resistance to diseases and minimize the risk of infections. And the following parts are preventions of this disorder.

Prevent infection

Due to low immunity, patients are more susceptible to infections, for instance, upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, influenza, sore throat and so on. If not well controlled, the condition may worsen.

Healthy lifestyle

In daily life, people with chronic nephritis should follow a healthy lifestyle, avoid overwork. Besides, they also need to take some moderate exercises to build a strong body and strengthen the immunity.

Follow a well-balanced diet

Eating properly play a significant role in decreasing the burden of damaged kidneys. Generally, the dietary tips should be low-salt, low-protein, low-fat, high fiber, etc. Meanwhile, they should pay enough attention to the diversity of foods and eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. Wanna to get an individualized advice, please feel free to click the Online Doctor directly!

Rational use of drugs

Sometimes, drugs are used to alleviate the possible symptoms. However, they may cause damage to the kidneys. So, it is necessary to cooperate with your doctors actively and consume medicines after consulting your doctor.

Self-monitor for any discomforts

When you are experiencing symptoms like frequent urination at night, loss of appetite, back pain or swelling, you should go to the hospital as early as possible. And the tests can be blood test, urine test, kidney function test and so on, additionally, the frequency can be every half a year.

Keep a positive attitude

Accompanied with early and effective treatment, the condition can be well managed. In the meanwhile, they should keep a positive attitude towards life and establish confidence to conquer the disease.

By taking the aforesaid measures, we believe further deterioration of kidney function in chronic nephritis can be prevented effectively. If you want to know more information about this, please email us Then we will contact you early.

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