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What Need to Be Done Before Travel for A Patient with Chronic Nephritis

2013-10-28 09:58| Font Size A A A

Experts point out that chronic nephritis patient in stable condition can go out to travel after seeking doctor's advice. But for the sake of safety and the stability of the disease, patients should do some necessary preparation before travel. Thus, what need to be done before travel for a patient with Chronic Nephritis?

Here is a list of travel preparation

1. Chronic nephritis patients should prepare a travel medical kit before travel.

2. Blood pressure monitor is needed by patients with increased blood pressure; a glucose meter is needed by diabetes patients. In addition, a thermometer is also need to be prepared.

3. Common drugs. Such as antihypertensive drugs, antidiabetic drugs, and hormone, ect.

4. Anti-infection drugs. Chronic nephritis patients may be infected in travel. Their resistance is poorer. It is easy to appear intercurrent infection, so prepare 1 ~ 2 kinds of anti-infection drugs are necessary.

5. Prevent allergy. Due to the difference of physical conditions, chronic nephritis patients may appear different allergic reactions. Allergic reactions, such as food or pollen are easily happened.

6. Medicine for external application. Medicine for external application is the basic item for an injury.

7. Antifreeze and sun cream are must have things according to the weather.

Some people may think that the kidneys of chronic nephritis patients are damaged, and they need to rest in bed for a long time. In fact, chronic nephritis patients stayed at home all day is unfavorable to their disease recovery. They can have appropriate outdoors, and traveling to a place not too far. But it is important to note above list before travelling.

If you want to know whether you can go out or not, you are suggested to send you basic condition to We will give you a health assessment, and tell you the answer of whether you can travel or not. Beautiful sites are waiting for you!

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