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Causes for HBV Associated Glomerulonephritis

2013-10-26 14:08| Font Size A A A

Hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis refers to the glomerulonephritis induced by hepatitis B virus directly or indirectly. The relationship between HBV and Nephritis in pathogenesis is not fully clear. It may relate to immune injury caused by deposition of hepatitis B virus antigen complex, cell infection by virus, or hepatitis B virus infection. Following is some causes for HBV associated glomerulonephritis.

1. Circulating immune complex deposition

When patients suffering from poisoned HBV or chronic liver disease, sustained HBV antigenemia can form a HBV antigen antibody circulating immune complex which deposit in the glomerular capillary loops, then activate alexin, and form immune damage.

2. Subepithelial in situs immune complex

In the three antigenic component of HBV, e antigen molecular weight small, so it may combined with e antigen antibody through basement membrane, and form subepithelial in situs immune complex.

3. External cause

Personal hygiene is very important. Experts remind that dietetic hygiene must be considered, especially in summer, fruits and vegetables must be clean when eaten.

4. Internal cause

This disease associated with liver and kidney insufficiency. The disease may lead by weak condition and less exercise in the past.

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