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Proper Care for HBV Associated Glomerulone Nephritis

2013-10-26 11:45| Font Size A A A

The kidney is the major excretory organ in human body, and form urology system with ureter, bladder and urethra. Kidney disease caused by many reasons, such as abnormal reflect, the metabolic abnormalities, infection, drugs and any factors reducing renal blood flow. In recent years, nephrology progress quickly. A proper care according to the different condition and stages can improve the patients’ life and delay the progress of renal insufficiency. Next, we will talk about proper care for hepatitis B virus associated Glomerulone Nephritis.

1.  Skin care

Skin care can prevent skin infection effectively. It is an important work to prevent bedsore and other related complications.

2. Reasonable diet (please fell free to contact us for healthy recipes)

Diet should be making according to the specific situation of each disease. For example, renal insufficiency patients should take high quantity of heat and high quality low protein diet, limit the intake of fluid volume and maintain water balance.

3. Oral care

Patients must persistence brushe their teeth every day and night, rinse by gargling the mouth to prevent breeding of bacteria in the mouth.

4. Physical and mental rest

Renal hypertension patients should measure blood pressure regularly, increase bed rest time according to the change of the blood pressure.

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