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Two Tips for Drivers Suffering from Nephritis

2013-10-24 14:30| Font Size A A A

According to incomplete statistics, drivers accounted for a significant proportion among nephritis patients. In fact, this result has its inevitability. Their work environment provides a good condition for the development of nephritis. Next, we will talk about several tips for drivers and other sedentary suffering from Nephritis.

1. Temperature

Prostate is sensitive to temperature. Cold stimulation can cause pelvic floor muscle spasm and induce prostatitis. On the other hand, testicles can't stand heat. When the temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius, quality of sperm will be lower, and thus reproductive function will be affected. Therefore, it is better to avoid sit on cold bench directly in winter or go to hot place such as sauna room frequently. Drivers with nephritis sat a long time, and the seat temperature is baked high by engine. Therefore, it is bad for prostate and testicular.

2. Well-cushioned

The seat should have a suitable firmness. Too hard can increase the extrusion to pelvic organs, and cause pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, prostate congestion and prostatitis after a long time. Therefore, a cushion is needed for sedentary to adjust the height of the seat and reduce the hardness of seat to avoid compression of the prostate.

Too soft seat can make all hips sink in, and it also increased the strength of extrusion. Compressed and surrounded scrotum can not adjust temperature properly, so that testicular temperature rise, reproductive function is affected.

Therefore, sedentary nephritis patients such as drivers, office worker, should not sit too much. It would be better to stand 8-19 min. every 40 min.

A good habit is not the only thing to help their kidney disease. What more important is seeking an effective treatment. TCM is highly recommended by many recovered patients. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been proven an effective way with numerous cases.

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