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Why Anaphylactic Purpura Nephritis Patients Can Not Have Vigorous Exercise

2013-10-22 13:51| Font Size A A A

Anaphylactic purpura nephritis, also known as Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis, is a kind of capillary allergic hemorrhagic disease, which may be associated with autoimmune injury of blood vessels. Besides purpura, its clinical characteristics also have skin rashes, angioneurotic oedema, arthritis, abdominal pain and nephritis. We all know that anaphylactic purpura nephritis patients can not have vigorous exercise. But, why?

Vigorous exercise can increase the metabolites in the human body, such as creatinine, urea nitrogen and various kinds of macromolecular material, and aggravate the burden of renal excretion, resulting in further damage to the kidney.

In addition, After strenuous exercise, the small capillaries shrink seriously, capillary wall permeability enhance, and red blood cells through the vessel wall enhance, which are easily lead to aggravation of purpura. On the other hand, systemic vasoconstriction in the body cause kidney ischemia hypoxia, and worsen kidney damage for most of the blood supply to heart, brain and muscle tissue. Proteinuria and occult blood have a further damage to renal function.

The body resistance is reduced after sweating in intense exercise. It is easy to get infection by bacteria and virus. Infection can cause human body immune complex deposition in the kidney, and damage the kidney inherent cells, causing a further damage to glomerular and renal tubular damage, further aggravate kidney leak protein and occult blood leakage.

Therefore, it is necessary to supply moisture, salt and other energy our body need timely after activities. In addition, it is also important to eat well, rest well, avoid mood swings and mental stimulation.

However, exercise is not only a dream for patients with anaphylactic purpura nephritis. Where there is a suitable treatment, there is a hope.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is more and more preferred by experts recently. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is designed to repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function fundamentally. The experts will find a right herbal formula of this therapy according to patient’s own condition.

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