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Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?

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Nephritis is a kind of kidney disease. Compared with other kidney disease, it is more common. And in recent years, it is on the rise. Originally it is very easy to be controlled, but due to misconceptions, it makes simple disease become complicated. Now read on to learn more information.
Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?

Misconception 1: nephritis can not be cured.

In the beginning, we have said that nephritis is easy to be controlled, but some patients still think that nephritis is incurable.

The reason why nephritis causes such a misunderstanding is that:

-the symptoms of nephritis are hidden so that they can not be detected in the early stage. Not until a large number of renal tissues become damaged and dead do you find out the disease, but you have missed the best time for treatment.
Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?

-after a period of treatment, symptoms get improved, which may give you an illusion that your disease is cured, so you stop the treatment, leading to relapse.

-you are only to treat the disease with medicines. Without good rest and proper diet restriction, the effect may come out slowly.

Therefore, to ensure a good treatment, you should seek treatment timely and follow your doctor’s advice. Pay attention to diet restriction and do checkups regularly.

Misconception 2: diet restriction.

Some renal patients know that they should restrict certain foods, but they have a misunderstanding.
Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?
Take salt restriction for an example. Some patients think they should avoid salt intake. In fact, this is wrong. Too much salt intake indeed does harm to health, but if you avoid salt intake, it will be bad as well. What is worse, long-term salt prohibition can impair many other organs.

If you do not have obvious swelling and high blood pressure, it is unnecessary for you to restrict salt intake strictly. 3-5g per day is recommended.

If you do have heavy swelling and high blood pressure or renal insufficiency, salt intake should be controlled under 3g.

Misconception 3: you are what you eat.

Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?
There goes a saying that you are what you eat. Thereby many kidney patients eat pig kidneys to help improve kidney condition. In fact, this is incorrect. Animal pluck is high in purine, which can elevate uric acid level so as to cause adverse effect. Meanwhile, it is not suggested to cook it into soup, because its content of purine is also very high, and high quantity of protein intake can put extra stress on kidneys.

Misconception 4: improper use of antibiotics

Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?
Some people equate nephritis with other inflammatory diseases such as enteritis, pneumonia, etc, but in fact they are totally different. Nephritis is caused by abnormal immune system, while inflammatory diseases are caused by bacterial infection. Therefore, the latter can be treated with antibiotics. But if nephritis patients use antibiotics blindly, it may make their kidney condition worse. With nephritis, Immunosuppressants should be used to eliminate antigens and prevent abnormal immune responses.

Misconception 5: Change doctors and treatment plans frequently

Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?
Due to slow effect or some other reasons, many patients may quit the original treatment plan, and change doctors and treatment plans frequently. Why not keep on a period of time? If it does not take effect, you should find out the reason, and then change treatment.

Misconception 6: try folk prescription

The so-called folk prescription usually comes in three forms:

First one, it is the accumulated experience being passed down by the predecessors. Though some cases have been cured by some folk remedies, the mechanism of medical treatment needs to be confirmed by modern medical knowledge and methods.

Second one, there are some folk remedies that do not cure the disease.

Third one, it is fake drugs, just to cheat money.

Why Your Nephritis Can Not Be Cured? Do You Know These 6 Causes?
Nephritis patients can not use these folk remedies blindly, because there are dozens of nephritis, different kinds of nephritis causes, and different nature of the lesion, their treatment methods should be different as well. If you just use one remedy to treat all the kidney disease, it is not suitable. Besides, some Chinese herbs have renal toxicity, hence you should use it carefully in case of kidney disease aggravation.

Therefore, you should consider your treatment plan according to your diagnosis.

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