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Can Chronic Nephritis Develop into Kidney Failure

2015-01-27 15:25| Font Size A A A

Can Chronic Nephritis Develop into Kidney FailureA person with chronic nephritis, his progress of illness condition can slow in the early stage, while in the advanced stage, the deterioration of illness condition speeds up, eventually, it will develop into Kidney Failure (uremia).

How does chronic nephritis progresses into kidney failure?

During the sickness, some complex immune complexes will deposit in the glomeruli for a long time, leading to damage on glomerular basement membrane. As a result, blood urine and protein in urine can occur. On the contrary, the symptoms will also cause further kidney damage and some complications can be induced such as high blood pressure, swelling, etc. In addition, another common cause is that patients do not know they have chronic nephritis and do not take immediate treatment.

Well then, are there any signs to indicate kidney damage?

Urine changes like foamy urine, blood urine, or protein in urine.

Swollen eyelid, legs, feet or face.

Frequent fatigue

Poor appetite

Constant vomiting

In addition, high blood pressure and Diabetes should drew your attention.

How to prevent chronic nephritis developing kidney failure?

The pathology of chronic nephritis is complex and there is no better precautions. As long as you can find it timely and treat it in time, you can slow down the progression of illness condition. Besides, you should avoid staying up and over tried. And it is important to protect you from flu or cold. In modern medical area, a newest treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be used for treating kidney disease. Moreover, it also has achieved great success on treating kidney diseases. Other treatments like Immunotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy will can be helpful for you. Any questions, please mail to or leave a message below and we will give your an individualized treatment.

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