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Is There Any Alternative Treatment to Dialysis for FSGS

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FSGS, focal segmental glomerulonephritis, refers to a medical condition in which parts of kidney tissues are damaged. Dialysis is recommended, when FSGS causes kidneys failing to function well. Is there any alternative treatment to dialysis for FSGS?


FSGS is named for the scarring, or “sclerosis”, that can be found in the kidney of people with this disease. Each kidneys contain millions of tiny filters who act as “blood colander” and they are named as “glomeruli”. The blood pass through glomeruli and the waste products and excessive water will be filtered out as urine.

In FSGS, parts of the glomeruli are scarred. In other words, they are no longer able to filter blood appropriately. This is known as “glomerulosclerosis”. Thereby, the waste products will build up in blood, causing various symptoms.

Dialysis for FSGS

Dialysis is recommended when kidneys are failed, which works as kidney replacement therapy to help filter the blood and remove the toxins out of the body.

However, dialysis only can remove the small sized toxins in the blood. There are more than 90 kinds of waste products can be found in patients with Kidney Failure. And small sized toxins only account for a small amount. Then how to deal with the larger waste products?

To deal with this problem, experts suggest Blood Purification techniques, which are used to purify the blood in specific. There are various choices, such as hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, hemofiltration, plasma exchange, immunoadsorption, CRRT (continuous renal replacement therapy).

Each of them are used to clean different sized toxins. Your health care team will firstly give you a full estimation about your blood and then make a personalized treatment plan based on your own condition. If you have interest in blood purification, you can send your medical report to And we are glad to give your a specific treatment plan for your information.

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