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How to Treat High Potassium Level in FSGS

2014-02-14 22:31| Font Size A A A

High potassium level often occurs when one is attacked by FSGS. It is dangerous when it reaches a certain level. Do you have this problem? If you have, please go on reading and this article will show you how to treat high potasium level in FSGS.

Do you have a clear understanding about the harmfulness of high potassium level?

High potassium level is one of the important inducers of sudden death. So you should pay much attention to it. Why will you experience high potassium level? Since you are undergoing FSGS, your kidneys, expecially the glomerulus are damaged. So the function of keeping electrolyte in balance is reduced. The extra potassium cannot be discharged by kidneys. If you do not control the potassium intake in diet, the condition will worsen.

High potassium level will retard your heart rate and lead to arrhythmia, even sudden cardiac arrest, which is dangerous to your life. Apart from the damage to heart, it is also harmful to the bones. It will lower the excitability of bones, leading to weak limbs, sluggishness and limbs flaccid paralysis.

How to treat high potassium level in FSGS?

According to the above introduction, the root casue of high potassium level is the damaged kidneys and reduced kidney function. Then you know which treatment you should choose. That is one that can repair kidney cells and improve kidney function. This is the direct and the basic method to lower potassium level. You may wonder that what treatment can achieve this purpose. Here Hot Compress Therapy is strongly recommended. This treatment is designed to repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function by eliminating the extra waste products and adjusting the healthy qi.

What makes it different is that it is natual and the application of it is comfortable. Not only is it effective, but also low-cost. If you want to know the exact operation process and the cost of this therapy, you can ask the online doctor directly or you can leave a message below. The kidney expert will give you a detailed reply on within 48 hours!

The high potassium level will be reduced and kidney function can be improved. After taking this therapy for a period of time, you will receive a good effect. If you are troubled by this kind of problem, you should take treatment immediately to stave off further damage. If you have follow-up questions, you can send an email to for a reply!

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