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How to Relieve Anemia in FSGS with Kidney Failure

2014-02-11 22:54| Font Size A A A

How to Relieve Anemia in FSGS with Kidney FailureWhen FSGS develops into kidney failure, many symptoms will occur or become more serious. Anemia is one of the symptoms. FSGS patients who are suffering from anemia will feel fatigue. Then how to relieve anemia in FSGS with kidney failure?

The causes of anemia in FSGS with kidney failure.

FSGS is featured as the damage of glomerulus, which is the main part of kidneys. Kidney function declines with more and more glomerulus are damaged. Kidneys are responsible to secrete EPO, which is the hormone that can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. The main function of red blood cells is to carry oxygen to all the parts of our body.

Anemia becomes more serious when FSGS progresses into kidney failure because kidney function is severely damaged and EPO secretion drops.

FSGS patients in kidney failure may be required to eat a strict diet. The lack of iron in diet can also worsen the condition of anemia.

How to relieve anemia in FSGS with kidney failure?

Diet can help relieve anemia. Besides low-protein, low-sodium, low-potassium and low-phosphorus foods, you are also suggested to eat more foods that are rich in iron. Iron can help produce red blood cells and give your body more energy.

Only the diet cannot solve the problem fundamentally. You need to take the root method to relieve the anemia. The underlying cause of anemia is the damage of glomerulus and the decline of kidney function. Therefore, you must have known the root methos to relieve anemia. That is to repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function.

To be frank, there is no treatment in the west that can achieve this purpose, while in China, there are many choices. Hot Compress Therapy is one of the choices. It is natural and with no side-effects. This therapy takes advantage of the traditional Chinese medicine but it is used externally. You can ask the online doctor for detailed information about this therapy.

The herbs used in this therapy cannot only discharge toxins, but also repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. Thus there will be enough EPO secretion and enough red blood cells. So anemia in FSGS with kidney failure will be relieved. If you still have other questions, you can send me an email to or leave a message below.

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