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Natural Remedies to Prevent FSGS Developing into Kidney Failure

2013-12-24 23:38| Font Size A A A

FSGS is an autoimmune kidney disease which characterized by the scarring of the glomerulus with the deposition of immune complex on glomerulus. It will develop into kidney failure with the development of the disease. Here are some natural remedies to prevent FSGS developing into kidney failure.

It is estimated that if left the disease untreated, about 50-70% of people will experience kidney failure. Proteinuria is a common symptoms of FSGS. Once proteinuria occurs, FSGS will go into kidney failure within 6 to 8 years even if treated. Once kidney failure attacks, patients will rely on dialysis or kidney transplant to survive. But even with kidney transplant, the disease is also easy to relapse.

How to prevent kidney failure effectively?

Here I am glad to tell you that the Chinese natural remedies are more effective than the western treatments. Next, I will show you how Chinese natural remedies treat FSGS.

The primary thing to do is to clean up the immune complex and provide a favorable environment for the recovery of kidney function. Maybe you are treated by dialysis but what you should know is that only dialysis is not enough to discharge the immune complex because dialysis can only remove small molecule toxins. Some high-tech treatments, such as immune adsorption and plasma exchange can achieve better effect.

The most important purpose to achieve is to adjust immune system and improve kidney function. The Chinese medicines like moxibustion therapy, foot bath therapy and Hot Compress can improve the immunity and adjust the disordered immune system. With a normal immune system, the kidney function can be greatly improved.

Through the two procedure, the disease can be well treated and kidney failure can be prevented effectively.

The Chinese natural medicines are more effective than immunosuppressive agents and the surgery. They are with no side effects and it is applied to all of the patients. Those patients who are steroid-resistant are highly recommended to take the natural remedies. If you have follow-up questions, you can send an email to or leave a message below, the kidney doctor will give you more information.

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