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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: Does It Work for FSGS

2013-10-11 16:44| Font Size A A A

FSGS is known as the focal segmental glomerular sclerosis. It is an important cause of kidney failure in adults. So it is an urgent task for you to reduce the risk of kidney failure. In recently years, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has received a high praise. Does it work for FSGS?

Before knowing whether micro-Chinese medicine osmotherpy works on FSGS, we should first make clear what is FSGS and how it affects the normal function of kidney.

FSGS is one form of glomerular diseases. We can deduce from its name that only some of the glomerular are involved in the damage and only part of each glomerular is scarred. The main manifestation of FSGS is nephrotic syndrome, mainly characterized by proteinuria and heavy swelling. With no timely treatment, the damaged parts will further worsen and the normal parts may be involved. Kidney function will gradually drops with the deterioration of the disease.

Therefore, the most fundamental method to treat FSGS is to save the glomerular that have already been damaged and protect these glomerular that have not been affected. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy just can achieve these effects. Then how this therapy works?

First of all, the Chinese herbs are the core of this therapy. It is personalized and the herbal formula is made according to patients’ different conditions. The second important thing in this therapy is an osmosis device, which helps to permeate the herbs into patient’s body. These herbal ingredients can take effects on the kidney lesions through blood circulation.

What effects can these herbs achieve?

These herbs can achieve such effects as:

Dilating blood vessel. It can promote the blood circulation to the kidney and change the state of hypoxic-ischemic of kidney.

Anti-inflammation. By this effect, the inflammatory factors in kidney will be reduced. Anti-coagulation. It can reduce the formation of microthrombus in capillary and lay a foundation to the repairment of endothelial cells.

Degrading extracellular matrix. The herbs can discharge the extracellular matrix and prevent it from spreading.

Through micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, the damaged glomerular can be repaired and the residual normal glomerular can be save. It has prove that it is really works for FSGS. If you still have doubt, you can contact the online doctors or leave a message below, the kidney experts will be glad to help you!

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