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Natural Remedies for FSGS

2013-10-06 15:17| Font Size A A A

FSGS is a disorder condition of glomerular. This disease affects part of the glomerular in kidney. It is hard to control the illness is progressing constantly. If you leave the disease untreated, it will finally develop into kidney failure. To this level, you have to experience dialysis or kidney transplant to survive. Here I will recommend you some natural remedies for FSGS, which can effectively prevent the progression of FSGS.

There is no obvious symptom at the beginning, so it is hard to be noticed. The symptoms show up with the ever worsening of the condition and the damage to the normal glomerular. You may experience high level of protein in urine, high blood pressure, weight gain due to water retention and swelling. Once you are diagnosed with FSGS, you are suggested to treat the disease with natural remedies.

Medicated bath

FSGS is a kind of disease due to immune disorder. Medicated bath plays an important role in regulating the disordered immune system. It takes the skin as the dialysis membrane. The specially processed herbs can permeate into the body in hot water and combine with the toxins in the body. Through sweating, the toxins will be brought out of the body. It can effectively improve the condition of swelling, fatigue and other symptoms. With medicated bah, kidney function will be improved gradually.

Mico-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This is a developed Chinese therapy that applied externally. The Chinese herbs are superfinely shattered and permeated into the body by virtue of an osmosis equipment. The herbs are effective in repair the damaged glomerular through the following effect: dilating blood vessel, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. Only when the glomerular is repaired, the waste products and toxins that accumulated in the blood will be discharged naturally.

Healthy diet and living

If you are attacked by FSGS, you are suggested to seek advice about the diet from a dietitian. Proper diet can also help reduce the progression of FSGS. Low-protein and sodium diet is needed. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin that is good for out body. Keep a good mindset is necessary for patients with FSGS. Do regular exercise can promote the overall health of the body.

These natural remedies for FSGS are effective and help a lot in preventing the progression of the illness. You can contact us by leaving a message below or emailing us to, we will give you a detailed explanation.

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