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What Importance is Sport in the Life of A FSGS Patient

2014-11-30 16:09| Font Size A A A

What Importance is Sport in the Life of A FSGS PatientExercise is an important way to keep active and health for all of us, and there is no exception with FSGS patients. Well then, how important is sport in the life of patient?

The onset of FSGS has a link with abnormal immune system which makes patients at a high risk of infections, chill, cold and fever. Besides, to inhibit the inflammatory reactions, steroids and immunosuppressants are often taken, which can lower patients’ immunity. In the past, the peole with focal segmetal glomerulosclerosis are suggested to rest more, while it seems the result is poorer than our expectation. To be frank, some exercise indeed can help patients strengthen immune system and protect renal function. Now let’s have a look at the the importance of sports in FSGS.

Yoga is one gentle exercise that is good for boosting patient’s immune ability. And doing it regularly can protect FSGS patients from infections and other complications.

Jogging is a aerobic exercise that also helps offer a better outcome. During the exercise, blood circualtion can be promoted and immune system can be strengthened.

Taichi is also an available exercise which can not only keep an active attitude, but also can help patients lower blood pressure as well as increase energy.

Actually, each one can find a perfect exercise plan according to individualized conditions. But what I want to emphasize is that never try an exercise blindly, especially never try strenuous sports, without your doctor’s permission.

If you are FSGS patients, I am sure that you should know simple sports is not enough to change the internal environment or repair damaged kidney cells. To get more improvement, you should manage to regulate your immune system and rebuild kidney structure. At our treatment center point, Immunotherapy is recommended to you. More details, please mail to or leave a message below directly.

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