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Can Diet Restore Kidney Damage for FSGS Patients with Dialysis

2014-09-13 16:58| Font Size A A A

Can Diet Restore Kidney Damage for FSGS Patients with DialysisCan Diet restore kidney damage for FSGS patients with dialysis? It is a very concerned question. Since the dialysis is needed, surely the illness condition of patients are in the end stage of renal disease. Well then, can diet still restore kidney damage?

Diet therapy plays a significant role in recovering renal function and restoring kidney damage. For FSGS patients with dialysis, their daily diet is very different from healthy people. A scientific and healthy diet is helpful delaying the development of illness condition.

Then, what diet is beneficial for FSGS patients with dialysis?

1. High-quality protein diet

For the damaged kidneys, kidneys fail to function well. In this case, eating too much protein will produce too much wastes and increase the kidney’s burden. However, high-quality protein food is not only provide good nutrition to the body, but also produce few wastes.

2. Low-sodium diet

Low-sodium diet is good for patients with high blood pressure and swelling.

3. Low-phosphorus and low-potassium diet

If the blood of level of phosphorus and potassium are abnormal high, you should limit the intake of phosphorus and potassium.

To sum up, healthy foods option is an important assistant treatment in controlling renal failure and help reduce dialysis frequency. Of course, to reduce dialysis frequency, the treatment goal is to restore the impaired kidney structure and improve renal function.

In order to achieve the goals, we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an alternative treatment for people on dialysis which is based on traditional Chinese medicine. This is an external application and acts on the kidney lesion directly. After a period of this treatment, it can enhance the blood circulation and promote the secretion of wastes from the body. In addition, it can activate the self-healing ability of the kidney to restore the impaired kidney structure and cells. In such a way, it can not only reduce the dialysis frequency, but also enhance renal function.

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