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How Does Proteinuria Occur in FSGS

2014-03-30 14:51| Font Size A A A

FSGS refers to scar tissue that formed in parts of the filtering units(glomeruli). And proteinuria is usually first diagnosed in people with FSGS. Learn more about this symptom can be really beneficial.

Causes of proteinuria in FSGS

Kidneys are vital organs within our body, and one of their main functions is to purify blood by preserving useful substances and excreting metabolic products, toxins, excess fluid, etc out of the body. Normally, only a small amount of protein in urine can be detected.

However, in FSGS, the injured glomeruli will not be able to do it’s job properly. As a consequence, large amounts of protein will pass through the glomeruli and end up in urine, resulting in proteinuria. To be honest, loss of protein will can cause foamy urine, edema and poor immunity.

What can patients do to relieve proteinuria?

Dietary changes From a dietary point of view, FSGS patients are suggested to limit the intake of protein strictly, if poorly controlled, the symptom will be aggravated. Besides, they also need to pay attention to other aspects of diet, for example, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, watch the intake of sodium, fluid, potassium, phosphorus and so on.

Control of blood pressure In most cases, anti-hypertensive drugs like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, etc are used to treat high blood pressure. In the meanwhile, they can also help protect renal function and alleviate proteinuria.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy To solve this problem from the underlying cause, the most important step is to improve kidney function. And that’s why this natural remedy is highly recommended. Once kidneys can work as normal, proteinuria will be alleviated obvious.

Develop good habits In daily life, FSGS patients should avoid strenuous exercises, balance work and rest, quit smoking and drinking and so on.

If happen to be person with FSGS and proteinuria, we sincerely hope this article is beneficial for you. Any follow-up questions, please email to directly. Good luck!

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