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FSGS with GFR 25 and Creatinine 6.6

2013-12-20 01:07| Font Size A A A

FSGS is a kidney disorder characterized by the scaring of glomeruli. With more and more glomerulus are damaged, kidney function decreases. With GFR 25 and creatinine 6.6, FSGS has more possibility of being affected by kidney failure.

GFR 25 and creatinine 6.6 in FSGS.

GFR( glomerular filtration rate) is a reliable indictor of kidney function for it measures how much blood is filtered by kidneys per minute. The normal range of GFR is 90-120ml/min.

Creatinine is the metabolic waste, which should be filtered by kidneys. The normal creatinine level is 0.5-1.3mg/dl. When kidneys have problems, the creatinine will build up in blood, causing high creatinine level, which is a sign of kidney damage.

GFR 25 and Creatinine 6.6 indicate that the kidney function has severely damaged. Some patients may have already developed into kidney failure.

How to deal with GFR 25 and creatinine 6.6 in FSGS?

Firstly, you should follow a proper diet to prevent further kidney damage. Low-sodium and low-protein foods are necessary. Besides, low-phosphorus and potassium foods are suggested if their level is high. You can consult the online doctor for what kind of foods are suitable for you!

Secondly, to well manage your blood pressure. High blood pressure will increase arteriosclerosis, which will further damage kidneys.

Thirdly, to improve kidney function. If you want to better improve GFR and reduce creatinine level, you should start from improving kidney function. The Chinese medicines, especially Hot Compress are effective in regulating the immune system, repairing the damaged kidney cells and improving kidney function. If you are interested in it, you can send me an email to, I will give you more information.

FSGS with GFR 25 and creatinine 6.6 is in a serious condition, you should take immediate and correct treatment to prevent more damage.

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