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Effects of High Potassium on Patients with FSGS

2013-12-18 22:54| Font Size A A A

Potassium is the an important electrolyte in our body. It functions to keep acid-base balance and ensure the normal function of muscles. High potassium level in blood will cause many problems. So what are the effects of high potassium on patients with FSGS?

The normal potassium level in blood is 3.5-5.5mmol/l. Our body will generate discomforts when potassium level is higher than 5.5mmol/l. Before we talk about the effects, let’s first talk about the causes of high potassium level.

l The overmuch intake of potassium, including from the diet and some drugs that contain high level of potassium.

l Kidneys function is decreased with FSGS, so the kidneys cannot well discharge extra potassium in blood.

l Metabolic acidosis is also a cause of high potassium level.

The effects of high potassium on Patients with FSGS.

Continuous loss of kidney function. Kidneys are in charge of keeping potassium balance by discharging the extra ones. The kidneys are damaged with the immune complex depositing on the epithelial cells of glomerulus. Excessive potassium will increase the burden of kidneys, causing further kidney damage.

If potassium is higher than 6.5mmol/l, dialysis is urgently needed. While patients who are on dialysis will suffer a lot due to its side-effects, such as nausea, vomit, fatigue, low blood pressure, itchy skin and so on.

The damage to heart. High potassium will cause slow heart beat and arrhythmia. When the level of serum potassium is over 7.5mol/l, the heart may stop beating in seconds or in minutes. Therefore, high potassium level is the silent killer of chronic kidney disease.

The damage to bone. High potassium level will decrease the excitability of the bone. So patients will experience fatigue, limb weakness, libs flaccid paralysis and sore muscles.

These are the main effects of high potassium on patients with FSGS, if you have other symptoms, you can consult the online doctor for whether it is caused by high potassium level. They will help you for free charge!

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