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Bad Effects of High Potassium Level in FSGS

2013-12-15 22:24| Font Size A A A

Patients with FSGS often suffer from high potassium level. What are the bad effects of high potassium level in FSGS?

Why there will be high potassium level?

FSGS refers to the condition that part of the glomerulus are scarred. Because of the damage of glomerulus, they can not do their filtration work well. Kidneys are in charge of keeping balance of electrolyte. Potassium is one of the essential electrolyte in our body. Because kidneys are no long able to well filter the extra one out, they will accumulate in the blood, causing high potassium level.

Besides, the foods you take also contribute to the high potassium level. Such foods are loaded with potassium as clergy, banana, apple, cucumber, spinach, kelp, etc.

Metabolic acidosis is also a cause of high potassium level in blood.

The bad effects of high potassium level.

Firstly, to the kidneys. Because there are already glomerulus damage, high potassium level will increase the burden of kidneys and cause further damage to glomerulus. If more and more glomerulus are damaged, kidney failure will occur at last.

Secondly, to the heart. High level of potassium has an inhibitory effect on the myocardial cells. Patients may experience slow heart rate, arrhythmia. For the serious condition, someone may suffer from sudden cardiac arrest.

Thirdly, to the bone. High level of potassium will decrease the excitability of the skeletal muscle. people will suffer from limb weakness, sluggishness in action, sore muscles and so on.

In addition, some patients are also troubled by blurred mind and sleepiness.

If you have one of the above symptoms, you are suggested to see a doctor immediately. A blood test can help you to detect whether your potassium level in blood is high or not. If high, you should take treatment at once to prevent serious effect on you. If you want, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will offer some treatment for the bad effect of high potassium level in FSGS. The online doctor is always on service for you!

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