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Feet Swelling and FSGS

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Feet swelling and FSGSSome patients with FSGS are suffering feet swelling. Patients with feet swelling may have difficulty to walk. Why there will be feet swelling with FSGS? How to deal with feet swelling with FSGS?

How does feet swelling occur with FSGS?

FSGS is a kidney disease that part of the glomerulus are scarred. Some of the kidney functions have been affected because of the decline of GFR(glomerular filtration rate). Kidneys cannot well perform their functions, such as discharge extra electrolyte from blood. Sodium is an important electrolyte in our body. When it accumulates in blood and combined with water, water-sodium retention will form, causing swelling.

Protein is a substance that is relevant to feet swelling. You may wonder that how does protein relate to swelling? Besides providing us essential nutritions, protein also plays an important role in keeping water in blood. Since parts of the glomerulus are damaged with FSGS, some of the protein will leak out to urine. Therefore, water in blood vessel will flow out to other tissue spaces, leading to feet swelling.

The treatment for feet swelling with FSGS.

Dialysis. You may be offered with dialysis to alleviate feet swelling by discharge extra water and sodium in blood. It is helpful in a short time, but you may found it relapses after taking dialysis several times. Dialysis can not discharge water and sodium sufficiently, there will be more sodium and water accumulating in blood.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This is the treatment that I recommend to you. This therapy is a natural therapy, which aims at improving kidney function. Feet swelling will be cured by enabling kidneys more functions. The symptoms is not easy to relapse with this therapy.

This therapy is externally used with the help of an osmosis device. The osmosis device will permeate the herbs into kidney lesions and take effects by dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, providing nutritions to kidneys and degrading extracellular matrix. This is the root methos to treat feet swelling with FSGS.

Feet swelling is a common symptoms of FSGS. You should take immediate treatment to prevent it developing. If the swelling attacks lung, it will cause more damage. It can even threaten your life. Therefore, it is important to take correct treatment. If you have more questions, you can send an email to , kidney doctor will give you more information.

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