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What are the Symptoms of FSGS in Children

2013-10-10 16:23| Font Size A A A

Focal segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS) is mostly seen in children and teenagers and it affects more boys than girls. What are the symptoms of FSGS in children? Follow me to find the right answers.

Do you know what FSGS is exactly?

It is a kind of glomerular disease. Just as its name indicates, not all glomerular but only part of the glomerular in your child’s kidney is damaged. But attention must by payed for it is a progressive disease. If the condition is not well controlled, it will develop into kidney failure.

The symptoms of FSGS in children

If your child is diagnosed with FSGS, he or she must experience high level of protein in urine. Do you know why this occurs? This is because the damaged kidney cannot well keep protein in the blood and a large amount of protein leaks out to urine.

Swelling may also appear in some parts on your child, like the eyelid, face, ankles and feet. This symptom has a relationship with protein loss in blood. Protein can keep water in blood prevent it from leaking out. When protein losses, water will spread to other tissues space, causing swelling.

Blood urine is seen in about 50% of patients with FSGS. You should take measures if your child is affected by blood urine.

Different from FSGS in adult, children have seldom chances to get high blood pressure and kidney dysfunction. But there is still chance for children to develop high blood pressure and kidney dysfunction.

If your child is not diagnosed with FSGS, but he or she is now experiencing some of the symptoms that mentioned above, he or she is at a high risk of FSGS. You should take your child to hospital to do a test.

Immediate treatment is highly suggested to prevent the further damage to kidney. I believe that you have had a general understanding of the symptoms of FSGS in children. No matter whether your child is diagnosed with FSGS, you should pay more attention to the slight changes if your child have some symptoms. You can contact the online doctor for more information freely.

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