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What does Creatinine 2.3 Mean with FSGS

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FSGS is characterized by glomerular damage in kidney. Not all the glomerular are damaged, only part of the glomerular are with scarring. In most cases, creatinine level will be elevated as a result of glomerular damage. Creatinine 2.3 indicates that almost half of the glomerular have been damaged. So how to lower creatinine 2.3 with FSGS?

Creatinine is an indicator of kidney function. It is the metabolism of muscles. Meat intake can also affect the creatinine level. Kidney functions as a blood cleaner by filtrating the waste product and toxins out of the blood. When one experiences FSGS, the filtration function will be decreased and the creatinine level will go up. Creatinine 2.3 means that the kidney function is moderately damaged. With proper treatment, kidney function can be saved and FSGS can be greatly treated.

Proper diet is helpful to lower creatinine level.

Firstly, low-protein food is essential to lower creatinine level. Part of the protein will be absorbed by our body and some of them are broken down to nitrogen product, such as urea nitrogen, which is a waste product. High protein will produce more nitrogen product to increase the workload of kidney. Secondly, low-sodium food is suggested to control high blood pressure and swelling, which are the two obvious complications of FSGS. Thirdly, if the phosphorous and potassium level is above the normal level in the lab test, you had better take food that is low in phosphorous and potassium. For more detailed food list, you can consult the online doctors.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is effective in treating kidney disease. This therapy is an externally used therapy. The reason why creatinine level is elevated with FSGS is that the filtering system has problems. The root method to bring down creatinine level is to treat the filtering system---the glomerular. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy aims at repairing the kidney lesions and rebuild kidney structure. To improve kidney function is the ultimate purpose. Once the impaired glomerular is repaired, the normal part of glomerular will not be affected and kidney function will be improved.

Creatinine 2.3 with FSGS is not the most serious condition of kidney disease, but with unproper treatment, the illness will be further worsening. So the correct treatment is very important. Kidney expert will be glad to help you if you email to

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