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Does FSGS Cause Hair Loss

2014-06-26 18:34| Font Size A A A

Does FSGS Cause Hair LossHair loss on healthy patients is usually contributed to age, emotion, stress and gene, while for FSGS patients, what does cause hair loss? If it is ongoing problem for your daily life, you may can find the causes by reading this passage.

Lack of protein

As we all know, hair is made up of protein. However, patients with FSGS are required to limit intake of protein, because impaired kidney fails to discharge excess protein from the body. And a low-protein diet also aims to reducing the workload on the kidneys and prevent the further kidney damage. In this regard, it is likely to make patients avoid all of protein. As a result, patients will suffer hair loss.

Lack of water

When FSGS patients have such symptoms as swelling, urine changes, they are required to limit intake of water. As a result, it is possible to cause dehydrate, dry skin and hair problems.

Disorders of minerals

Due to kidney damage, patients’ kidney lose the ability of keeping minerals balance. Zinc imbalance in the body is related to hair loss. People with kidney disease are at high risk of zinc deficiency. A poor-nutrition diet is difficult to meet the need of the body. The imbalance of other ninerals such as iron, calcium, vitamin B and so on, may also contribute to causing hair loss.

Side effect of medicines

For FSGS patients, they are suggested to take various medications to control progress of illness condition. prednisone is prone to be prescribed by your doctor, and it is commonly used drug for FSGS patients to control various symptoms and slow down illness progress. Although it is very helpful and works fast and effectively, long-term usage or overdoes can induce many side effects for patients, such as bone loss, mood swing, blurred vision and so on. Besides, hair loss is one of these side effects.

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