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How to Control Blood Urine in FSGS Patients

2014-05-13 01:04| Font Size A A A

How to Control Blood Urine in FSGS PatientsBlood urine is very common on FSGS patients. We will discuss how this symptom happens and how to control this condition.

How does this symptom happen to FSGS patients?

FSGS is a kind of autoimmune disease. When immune complexes deposit in glomerulus, and cause inflammation in this region, with time, podocyte will fuse and shed. Thus, part of the basement membrane will atrophy. With further damage causing by inflammation, charge barrier of glomerulus will be impaired. In this condition, the red blood cell and other substances, which should be retained in blood, will leak in the urine, so blood urine will occur.

Blood urine is just a sign of kidney damage. If left untreated, the damaged podocyte will turn into myofibroblast. Kidney fibrosis will begin.

How do we control blood urine in FSGS patients?

As mentioned above, blood urine is a sign of kidney damage. Therefore, in order to control blood urine, we must restore the kidney damage. Many patients in this condition have got good curative effect with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy can help patients control this condition through the following aspects:

Dilate blood vessel: Once immune complexes deposit in glomerulus, the kidney cells will suffer anoxia and ischemia. This therapy can help dilate blood vessel so as to improve this condition.

Reduce inflammation: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help reduce inflammation in kidney and then prevent further damage to kidney.

Prevent coagulation: Blood viscosity will increase with the inflammatory cell increase accordingly. Therefore, there is higher risk of coagulation. Patients with this therapy can prevent this condition.

Decompose extracellular matrix: Due to the stimulation of overactive immunoreactions and anoxia and ischemia, extracellular matrix will increase. These substances can be decomposed through this therapy.

With this therapy, epithelial cells of glomerular capillary will get recovery, so electrostatic barrier can work normally to hold back the red blood cells. Therefore, FSGS patients can control the blood urine.

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