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FSGS Symptoms

Is Stomachache Part of FSGS

Question: Hi my daughter was diagnosed with FSGS several months ago. She is 11 and was put on a treatment of steroids and water pill. It went into remission but 2 weeks ago presented again with symptoms. We were told she relapsed and was pu...Read More

What Are the Signs of Kidney Failure for A FSGS Patient

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is a immune and progressive disease. Without well controlled, many patients will develop into Kidney Failure eventually. Well then, what are the signs of renal failure for these patients? Now, lets...Read More

What Does BUN 40 Mean in FSGS

BUN level 40 is much higher than the normal range which should draw your attention. But some patients do not know what does BUN 40 mean in FSGS? Now, lets see. The mean of high BUN 40. FSGS is characterized by glomeruli damage which accompa...Read More

Treatments for FSGS Patients with Itching

Itching skin is the common symptom for patients with FSGS, which drives patients crazy. Well then, is there any good treatment can deal with the symptom? To know the root treatments, it is important to learn the underlying causes of itching...Read More

Is It A Horror to Have FSGS and Creatinine 4.6

When diagnosed with FSGS, you may frequently hear your doctor talking about your creatinine level which is an indicator to reflect your renal function. Well then, is it a horror to have FSGS and creatinine 4.6? What does creatinine level 4....Read More

Does FSGS Make You Achy and Tired

Does FSGS make you achy and tired? Commonly, some patients with FSGS may complicate that they are tortured by the extremely tired, achy, and have no motivation. Then, why they have the feelings with this kind of kidney disease? Follow the p...Read More

Immune System Symptoms in FSGS

FSGS, short for Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, is an autoimmune disease characterized by scared glomerular. Along with progression and deterioration of illness condition, this kind of kidney disease is easy to progress into kidney fa...Read More

How to Manage GFR 27 for FSGS Patients

FSGS is one common primary glomerulonephritis which refers that a part of glomerular become scarred. Lower GFR is also one of common symptoms in this type of kidney disease. Well then, how to manage GFR 27 for patients? What does mean of GF...Read More

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