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Can FSGS Patients Drink Alcohol

2014-03-25 23:12| Font Size A A A

Can FSGS Patients Drink AlcoholCan FSGS patients drink alcohol? If you happen to be a patient with this disorder and wine bibber, I think this is really a difficult thing. Please go on and try to find the answers.

To be honest, people diagnosed with FSGS are recommended to drink in moderation or quit drinking. And the reasons are concluded as follows:

Elevate blood pressure It is acknowledged that drinking too much alcohol will increase blood pressure, if left unchecked, persistent high blood pressure will aggravate kidney damage and make it much harder to treat FSGS.

Interfere with medicines To alleviate the possible symptoms, FSGS patients may be prescribed with some medications. However, alcohol may interfere with medicines, therefore, the therapeutic effect of drugs may be decreased.

Loss of calcium from our bones According to the studies, heavy drinking or regular consumption of alcohol can cause loss of calcium from our bones. If poorly controlled, the possibility of presenting bone disorders will be increased.

Except for the above side effects, alcohol can also cause damage to the heart and reduce immunity.

In addition to alcohol, FSGS patients also need to pay special attention to other foods and drinks.

Generally, the dietary principle should be low-salt, low-protein, low-fat, high-fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. Let’s take protein foods for example, patients need to restrict it’s consumption at 0.6-0.8g/kg per day, in the meanwhile, they can eat some high-quality protein foods like lean meat, fish, egg white and so on to maintain the normal operation of our body. As for the beverages, they should drink less coffee and other caffeine-contained beverages.

From the analysis above, I believe you have learned whether FSGS can drink alcohol or not. If you are interested in the personalized diet plan, please firstly email us the test report to directly. Then our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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