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Is High Protein Foods Allowed to Patients with FSGS

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Is High Protein Foods Allowed to Patients with FSGSPatients with FSGS should manage a proper diet to reduce the progression of the illness and alleviate the symptoms. FSGS is characterized by the damage of glomerulus. So the foods you take should avoid more damage to glomerulus. Is high protein foods allowed to patients with FSGS?

Functions of kidneys.

As we all know that kidney is the blood cleaner. It is responsible for filtering the waste products and toxins. Extra water is also be removed by kidney. If kidney is damaged, the waste products and toxins cannot be discharged and they will accumulate in the blood. Therefore, a lot of symptoms will occur, such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue. Too much water in blood will cause swelling.

Functions of protein.

protein is the basis of our life. It provides our body with essential amino acid and enough nutrition. Protein deficiency will lead to decline of metabolic rate and the disease resistance. Less protein in blood will increase the risk of swelling because protein can protect water in blood. If there is less protein in blood, water will leak out to tissue space, causing swelling.

Is high protein foods allowed to Patients with FSGS?

Though protein is essential to our body, it does not mean that the more, the better. On the contrary, patients with FSGS should avoid high protein foods.

Protein will break down into metabolic wastes, which should be filtered out by kidneys. Since there are glomerulus damage with FSGS, too much protein will increase the burden of kidneys and further damage glomerulus. So high protein foods are not allowed to patients with FSGS.

However, to keep enough nutrition, you should take high-quality protein food, especially the animal protein. They contain more nutritions and produce less waste product. Lean meat, egg white, fish and milk are recommended to you.

At normal circumstance, high protein foods are not allowed to patients with FSGS. But you should consult your doctor for how much protein you should consume or you can send your test report to, the kidney doctor will send you a detailed food lists. You can also ask the online doctor directly and it is for free.

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