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Can I Have A High Protein Diet with FSGS

2013-11-20 15:52| Font Size A A A

Can I Have A High Protein Diet with FSGSCan I have a high protein diet with FSGS? Some patients asked this question. As we all know that FSGS is a condition that part of the glomerulus are damaged. So patients with FSGS should manage a proper diet to reduce the damage and delay the progression of the illness. Should FSGS patients eat a high protein diet?

The damage of high protein to our body.

Protein is the main nutrition of our body. It is the material basis of the life. But overall intake of protein may also cause damage to our body. If you take too much protein, they will be converted into fat in the body. Once they are converted into fat, they will increase blood acidity, which will consume large amounts of calcium. The loss of calcium will easy lead to osteoporosis.

The damage of high protein to kidney.

As to kidney, the main function of kidney is to filter the waste products and toxins out of the body. How does high protein cause kidney damage? When we take protein, it will break down into large amounts of nitrogenous substances which should be discharged by kidneys. High protein diet will increase the workload of kidneys. Since there are glomerulus damages with FSGS, you should pay more attention to the protein amount. You can consult the online doctor for what amount of protein you should consume.

In addition, another important function of kidney is to prevent the protein from leaking out. Since the kidney is damaged, the ability to keep protein is declined. The protein in the blood can keep water in the blood vessels. In this case, the water in blood vessels will leak out to other tissues due to loss of protein, which will increase swelling.

However, can you have a high protein diet with FSGS? Actually, it depends on different conditions. Not all patients with FSGS are not suggested to high protein diet. If you are on dialysis, you should add some protein to your diet because some protein will lose with dialysis. If you have no idea if you should eat a low protein or high protein diet, you can ask the online doctor or leave a message below, the kidney doctor will give you some suggestions.

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