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The Proper Diet for FSGS with Kidney Failure

2013-10-31 10:38| Font Size A A A

The Proper Diet for FSGS with Kidney FailureFSGS is an autoimmune disease characterized by glomerular damage. It can progress into kidney failure with the deterioration of the illness. Diet is an important part of treatment. Patients with FSGS should manage a proper diet. So what is the proper diet for FSGS with kidney failure?

Patients with FSGS and kidney failure have severe glomerular damage. So patients must go on a healthy diet to help reduce the burden to kidney and delay the progression of the illness. Patients often ask that what kind of food is good for their health and what kind of food that they should not eat. Here are the tips for the proper diet.

You should eat less salt.

Salt is the rich source of sodium, which will increase the risk of swelling and high blood pressure. If you have heavy swelling and high blood pressure with FSGS, you should well manage the amount of salt you take everyday. Try to avoid high-sodium food such as pickles, bacon, processed food and canned food and so on.

You should well manage the protein intake.

Protein is the necessary substance to our body. But for patients with kidney failure who have high level of protein in urine, too much protein intake will worsen the condition of proteinuria and increase the damage to kidney. However, patients with FSGS and kidney failure who are on dialysis should increase the supply of protein appropriately, because dialysis will discharge some protein in our body. You can consult the online doctors for the proper amount of protein if you are on dialysis. High quality protein is suggested such as lean meat, eggs and milk.

Regulate phosphorus and potassium intake.

Some patients with FSGS and kidney failure will undergo high level of phosphorus and potassium in blood. High level of phosphorus and potassium is harmful to the kidney and other organ of our body. So you should well control the food that are rich in phosphorus and potassium like bananas, potatoes, spinach, eggplant kelp, cheese, nuts and so on.

The tips mentioned above is for the general condition. The diet differs from people to people. You can send your test report to for the proper diet for FSGS with kidney failure and the kidney experts will make you a specific diet list for free according to your illness condition.

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