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What's the Proper Diet for FSGS

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What’s the Proper Diet for FSGSFSGS,shorted for focal segmental glomerular sclerosis, is an immune disorder featuring as glomerular damage. The glomerular is the kidney filter. Just as its name refers, some sections of the kidney filters are scarred. FSGS is an intractable disease with no very effective methods. But proper diet can slow down the progression and it is easy to follow. So what’s the proper diet for FSGS that patients should follow?

Due to glomerular damage, the waste product and extra fluid cannot be discharged out. At the same time, it lose the ability of protecting protein from leaking out. So there is protein in urine and swelling is occurred in some parts of the body.

According to the symptoms of FSGS, patients should make some changes on their diet or you can consult the online doctors for the right diet.

Protein. The first thing that you should notice is the protein intake. Low-protein food should be taken for too much protein will lead to much proteinuria and increase the burden of the kidney. High-quality protein is necessary to meet our body’s need and it produces less waste products. Lean meat, fish, milk, eggs are all high protein food.

Fluid. Because the glomerular fails to remove the extra water from the blood, too much fluid intake will cause fluid retention and increase water-sodium retention. So you should control the fluid intake.

Sodium. High sodium is harmful to the health of kidney, for it can increase high blood pressure and swelling. Canned food and fast food are the high sources of sodium. You are suggested to cook at home and eat less restaurant food.

Vitamin. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin. You can consult your doctor for the fruits and vegetables which is suitable for you. Because of your illness, there are some fruits and vegetables that you cannot eat. For example, if your phosphorous and potassium level is high in the lab test, you should eat less that rich in phosphorous and potassium.

Patients with different illness condition should follow different diet. So you’d better ask the doctor for the proper diet for FSGS or you can send your test report in hospital to, you will get what you want from here.

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