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Diet & Fitness of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS)

2013-08-23 18:06| Font Size A A A

Diet & Fitness of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS)Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis is a chronic kidney disease. Due to the damaged kidneys, a proper diet for patients with FSGS is of great importance. However, the illness condition of patients’ varies. They should make different changes about their diets. Honestly speaking, there is no such a healthy plan that is suitable for all patients. Even so, we can still provide some suggestions on healthy eating plan and fitness .


Due to damaged kidney, excessive protein can not be discharged out of the body and they accumulate in the blood. Too much intake of protein will aggravate the burden of impaired kidneys and promote the occurrence of proteinuria in the urine. High-quality foods can meet the basic physical need and cause less burden on kidneys. Fish, lean meat, egg and milk are recommended.


Eating less salt is necessary to treat swelling(edema) around the eyes and feet for sufferers with this disease, meanwhile, it can also help control high blood pressure. So, in their daily life, salty foods like pickles and walnuts should be avoided.

Enough vitamin

At times, some FSGS patients can not get enough vitamin from daily eating. In this case, they can eat some vitamin supplements to make sure enough vitamin in their body.

The intake of potassium and phosphorus

For patients with high potassium and phosphorus levels in blood, they should avoid vegetables and fruits that are rich in potassium and phosphorus.

Except for the above parts, the following tips are also beneficial to the sufferers

1. Restrict high-fat and high-cholesterol foods.

2. Stop smoking and refrain from drinking.

3. Positive attitude toward life. A good mood is important to your recovery. Don't be worry. You should be confident with the disease.

4. Proper exercises are also necessary but try to avoid strenuous exercises as possible.

These are the several tips on diet and fitness for FSGS patients. As the disorder varies, sufferers of this disease should follow different diets. If you want to turn to experts in this field, you can email us at, perhaps a professional doctor will give you much better suggestions.

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