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Available Protein Intake and Exercise for FSGS Patients

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Available Protein Intake and Exercise for FSGS PatientsFSGS, short for focal segmental glomeruloscerosis, is a kind of chronic kidney disease. It refers that a part of glomeruli and kidney tissues get scarred. Due to kidney damage, most patients have many taboos in diet and exercise. Here, we will take about what are available protein intake and exercise for FSGS patients.

Available protein intake for patients with FSGS.

In order to prevent the further kidney damage, most patients with FSGS are suggested to have a low-protein diet. Since the damaged kidney fails to function well, excessive protein cannot be discharged out from the body and they will accumulate in the blood. Too much protein intake will aggravate the burden of impaired kidneys and promote the occurrence of proteinuria. Therefore, low-protein diet is very essential for patients. As for how much you can take with kidney disease, that needs to depend on your own illness condition. If you have no idea about this question, you’d better contact your dietitian or our online doctors according to your conditions. But what I want to emphasize is that you can consume high-quality protein to meet the body needs, such as fish, red meat, egg white and milk and so on.

Available exercise for patients with FSGS.

Kidney is a filter of our body, which can help us remove the extra and useless substance from the body. However, it is difficult to work normally for the damaged kidney. In order to enhance the immune system and keep an active emotion, you can do the follow the exercise.

Jogging-it can promote the blood circulation and prevent high blood pressure.

Yoga-it can stimulate fat embolism in patients’ bodies which can help lower this level in some degree. Also, it can boost the immunity and it can stimulate lymphatic system so as to excrete the toxins building in bodies.

Taichi-the moderate action can dilate the blood vessels, promote blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

The mentioned above are all available exercise for FSGS patients. It’s my duty to tell you that you should avoid the strenuous exercise in case of high creatinine level and further kidney damage. Have a question? If so, please talk with our doctors online directly or email to renal-disease@hotmail.com and we will try our best to help you.

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